Best Western Lion Hotel

The Best Western Lion Hotel is situated in Worksop at the South end of Bridge Street.

Best Western Lion Hotel

Where in Worksop are the closest car parks to Best Western Lion Hotel?

Lead Hill Central
0.06 miles - S80 1LJ

Castle Hill Car Park
0.06 miles - S80 1LJ

Town Hall Car Park
0.1 miles - S80 2AH

Where possible, distances have been measured from the vehicle entrances. Closer access may be available by foot.

Best Western Lion Hotel - The Lowdown

0333 003 4195

Best Western Lion Hotel is at 112-114 Bridge St, Worksop, Worksop, S80 1HT

Best Western Lion Hotel, Worksop Opening Hours

No opening times available

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Best Western Lion Hotel, Products and Services

Beer Wine Hotel & Hospitality Coffee Tea & Infusions

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